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This website is dedicated to helping people who work at home make decent money. 

How do we help?
We believe that potential customers are more likely to sign up with you if they know more about YOU, not just what you love to sell.  If you join us you will get your own full web page where you can say whatever you want to say. In other words, your page will not be governed by what your company prefers. It can show what you honestly think about products and your life. 

Benefits of becoming a member here:

1. You will have a full page ad on this site where you can say anything you want to your potential customers and include links to your business website.

2. You will be featured throughout the site and on the main page in rotation with other members. 

3. You will also get a permanent ad on the Wahm Search Engine website.

4. You have access to the Member's section which has plenty of tips.

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Interview with Virtual Assistant (VA) Jennifer Jarvis

Interview with Passion Parties rep Bernadette Pinkard

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Are you ready for your own home based business? 

How would you answer these questions?

Do you thrive when working alone on your own terms?

Are you free from distraction in your home, i.e. no constant interruptions from family or pets?

Are you a person that can make her own decisions without guidance?

Are you legally allowed to operate a business from your home with regards to zoning laws and regulations?

Is your home appropriately situated to allow you to conduct business properly and efficiently?

Can you commit to putting in the effort to establish your home-based business, including creating a business plan?

Do you have the means to begin a home-based business?

Is your time well managed and can you firmly work within specified time frames each day?

Do you have the space to obtain the necessary equipment and do you have the time to set up this equipment in order to operate your home-based business?

Do you consistently stick to completion dates for work or personal projects?

Are you capable and willing to meet customers outside of your home?

Can you motivate yourself to be diligent and consistent with your working hours and workflow?

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